At  C+D education is not enough. We found, through research and experience, that the journey to success does not stop with knowledge. Our proprietary three step process allows for our targeted community to be One, organically introduced to technology and creation through our community events; Two, get the mentorship and training needed for success; and Three, cross the bridge from learning to experienced by working in our agency.  


To raise awareness and to get our targeted communities excited about technology and creatives, we host a series of events throughout the year under our Tech + Arts Experience. We work with officials and leaders in innovation deserts, to help activate and engage residents in the tech and creative spaces with the goal of converting attendees to students.



The focus of our process is planted in education. Our knowledge phase includes workshops, mentors, and resources centered around technology and creatives to help nurture the interests of our students with the goal of becoming employable or professionals in their respected areas of study.



Through our creative and digital agency, we will provide work experience at the end of our success funnel employing students as well as creative and digital professionals.


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Creative + Development

Creative Development Community Centers, Inc. (DBA Creative + Development) is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing jobs,

resources, and education in the creative and tech spaces.

As a non-profit 501(C)(3), any payments for our services can be considered as a donation and a tax write-off.

Email: info@creativedevelopment.info

Phone: 561-285-1615

Registered Charity: 0834898246

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